Double Upright Markers

Double Markers will include Family name at the top and two sets of First and Middle name or Initial, date of birth and date of death (full dates or year dates).  Most all monuments have the option of being customized by adding emblems representing the hobbies your loved one enjoyed, additional verses whether it be a saying or a bible verse, and /or a cameo picture of your loved one can be added to the marker.  

Notice all sizes will accommodate two vases.  If you have selected a size that will not accommodate the additional options, our design specialist can suggest a size that will work with your selections.  Below are our Double designs to view.

Please Note: The Design selections on the Web-Site are only a snapshot of the total Designs we offer. Please contact us for more Designs.

Double Upright Markers

Double Granite Grass Marker

Double Upright Marker Sizes

Upright 3-0 * 0-8 * 1-8
Base 4-0 * 1-0 * 0-8
Upright 3-6 * 0-6 * 1-10
Base 5-0 * 1-0 * 0-8
Upright 4-0 * 0-8 * 2-0
Base 5-6 * 1-0 * 0-8
Upright 4-6 * 0-8 * 2-2
Base 6-0 * 1-0 * 0-8

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