They Deserved to Be Remembered

Honoring a legacy with custom memorials that beautifully celebrate and remember your loved ones, preserving their unique stories for generations to come.

Hitchcock Memorials has been a family owned business dating back to World War II. Through the years stone engraving has become a lost art. What was once hand drawn and blasted have been replaced with software design programs and blasting booths. The one thing that has not changed over the years is the way we serve our families during the difficult time of losing a loved one. With the loss of a loved one, we try to find ways to keep them alive in our hearts, and honor their life. Memorials are an important way to remember and continue the life lived of our loved one.

Our memorial specialist will work individually with families to help create a custom memorial that is unique and a lasting celebration of their loved one's life. Customizing a memorial can be a fingerprint or portrait that is a lasting and visible tribute that symbolizes the life lived and forever says, "They deserve to be remembered". Whatever form the memorial may take; it is crafted out of love and is an enduring symbol of a family heritage.

Hitchcock Memorials offers the latest designs in bronze memorials and granite with a variety of colors out of Elberton, Georgia. The majority of granite markers sold through Hitchcock Memorials are engraved, carved on site, and set in the cemetery by our own Monument installers. A cameo with a picture of your loved one can be attached to the marker, as well as verses, nicknames, or emblems that represent hobbies they enjoyed. A portrait of a person, a scene composed from a photo(s) you provide, or standard scenes from a variety of etchings are all possibilities. These customizations can be in black and white or in full color.

In addition to designing and engraving monuments, Hitchcock Memorials offers:

  • Additional lettering to an existing marker in the cemetery (for example: nickname, date of death or a verse).
  • Service for restoring cemeteries that have been neglected, vandalized or fallen victim to time and weather. For a quote on cemetery restoration, please contact by email: [email protected] or call us at 423-542-2912.
  • Reset, clean and realign existing monuments.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  Hitchcock Memorials looks forward to serving you because "They Deserve to be Remembered".